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Strategic and Operational Management


BLC’s expert consultants work with senior executives to help them solve their most complex problems and help them continue to adapt to changing global conditions and market challenges. Our industry knowledge can help your organization improve in the following areas: strategic planning, corporate strategy, customer and marketing strategy, business model transformation, financial management as well as supply chain management.


In terms of strategic planning and formulating a viable growth strategy, our experts can help you navigate complex and rapidly changing environments by helping you align your vision with a viable strategy. We work vigorously with our valued clients to provide all of the necessary resources to help clients achieve their business goals. At BLC, we value each and every client. Your goals are our goals as well. 


Strategic Planning and Growth:

  • Assess your organization’s environment and conduct a  proportionate PEST analysis – based on your company size
  • Analyze your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Formulate viable strategies to create and sustain value
  • Implement customer, product or market strategies
  • Set up a system to measure success and progress towards strategic goals


Business Transformation and Asset Restructuring:

  • Align your operating structure and reorganize assets to reach strategic goals (process engineering and transformation)
  • Determine an optimal organizational structure that maximizes efficiency and effectively drives you toward your strategic goals
  • Acquire adequate financial and human resources
  • Obtain feedback from external and internal stakeholders to improve processes and improve strategy and implementation
  • Organize events for various stakeholders including: investors, employees and business partners


Marketing Strategy:

  • Define target market and build customer profiles
  • Ensure organization’s value proposition is differentiated,  unique and in demand by target audience
  • Align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives
  • Develop positive interactions and experiences with customers to foster brand loyalty


Supply Chain Management:

  • Acquire international partnerships and supply chain opportunities to cut operating expenses


Financial Management

  • Assess your organization’s financial position and performance
  • Create a finance strategy that aligns with company vision 
  • Improve functions to free up resources and time



International Business Development Opportunities

At Bold Leadership Consulting (BLC), we strongly believe that thinking and investing globally brings the best opportunities for our clients. Our investment professionals can help you invest in global opportunities with the utmost confidence and help you secure mergers, acquisitions and partnerships with foreign companies.  


BLC facilitates international business development for clients in a number of industries. Armed with extensive global industry knowledge and a large number of contacts in North America and Europe, our experts can help you expand into new international markets, find business partners and build successful long-term relationships. Let us help you enter, explore and succeed in international markets. 


European Companies 


Is your company located in Europe but you want to expand into the North American market?


Bold Leadership Consulting can help you:

  • Assess whether your products and/or services can successfully penetrate the North American market
  • Provide market analyses that are specific to your products and services including (but not limited to): regulations, permissions, foundation of subsidies, legal issues, taxation regulations, planning and executing of sales and marketing strategies
  • Present your business to potential investors and secure seed money or venture capital
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities to expand your connections and build a strong brand in your business community 


North American Companies


Are you looking to expand your business in Europe? We can help you find a suitable business partner in the European market. 


We can also help you:

  • Identify European countries which would best serve the growth of your business in terms of taxation, tax benefits, skilled labor, government grants and subsidization.
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies in various European markets
  • Find importers, distributors and corporate lawyers that you can rely on
  • Present your business to investors in the European markets
  • Identify and pitch for European sponsorship opportunities 



Leadership Coaching 


Have you been promoted to a management position but feel that you do not have adequate knowledge and experience to manage people, lead a meeting, present your ideas or deliver a public speech? 


At BLC, we partner with professionals, leaders and organizations to foster growth and enhance learning through coaching and mentoring. We specialize in leadership coaching that provides long-term, measurable results. Our experts can help you unleash your potential, maximize management effectiveness and be the best leader you can be.


We can assist you in the following ways:


  • Personalized leadership coaching to leaders in various stages of their careers in a confidential and professional manner
  • Team leading exercises to help you maintain professional relationships with your subordinates and help you effectively build, motivate and lead a team that is goal-oriented
  • Coaching to assist in leading productive weekly or monthly meetings
  • Coaching to prepare you for a board meeting
  • Help in preparing visually appealing presentations that deliver your desired message in a simple, efficient and professional style
  • Assistance in developing the public speaking skills to actively engage a small group of people or a large audience
  • Assessment of your strength and weaknesses and setting up a goal structure that will consistently improve your weaknesses
  • Assistance in dealing with workplace stress and creating a healthy balance between work and personal life






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